Thursday, 19 August 2010

False & Ms SIN collabo

So I'm walking down the street minding my own business, I literally bump into my mate False (284 cru) he's about to graff the shop shutters on Portobello Road he asked me if I wanted to put a Ms SIN stencil up...actually he didn't ask me he told me to, so I run home as fast as I could grabbed me bag of stencils and I make it back in record time!

Now you gotta understand I'm a part of 284cru but I don't go out on the street and graff, I'm not gonna front I'm scared of getting arrested! running from the police doesn't appeal to me that ain't my kind of buzz, people are going to jail for painting on's insane!!

So whenever I get the opportunity to do a legal piece I jump at the chance, so our piece
is up a couple of days when some prick comes along and stencils friggin Professor Green's name across the the mouth of Ms SIN, I'm not gonna lie I was fuming when I first saw it, I was ready to go to war with Professor Green I had a war strategy planned out I was serious.

I was later told that when someone marks your work it's a sign of respect there is no way I could be out risking my freedom to have any random come along and deface my work out of respect or disrespect nah!!

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